Launched in 1992 the Barclay’s Premier League (BPL), or English Premiere League as it has been known outside of the UK, has rapidly grown into the most popular sports league in the world. The Premier League consists of 20 teams. During a season each club will compete twice in one home match and one away. The 38 total matches are played out during the length of the season running from August to May.

While other European Leagues take a winter break the Premiere League plays through, only stopping if some FIFA- mandated international break calls away some of the Premier League Players to play for their respective countries in an international event.

Premiere League has become quite a popular spectacle for many reasons. The skill of the many world-class players and the wild crowds that fill the stadiums up and down Wales and England are only some of the attractions.

The games in the Premier League also have very unpredictable outcomes, making the final league standings very difficult to predict. Other European leagues have more predictable outcomes, in Spain, for instance, the consistent victors have been Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In the Premier League, the teams that occupy the bottom three positions each year are placed into the Championship, the 2nd tier of English Soccer. While the four teams occupying the top positions qualify for the UEFA Champions League which is the most prestigious soccer tournament. Here the qualifying teams will play against the best teams from Europe.

Although the teams in the top four positions automatically qualify for the Champions League, the fourth team must win the Champions League Playoff in August to claim the spot. Teams holding fifth and sixth place qualify for the UEFA Europa League and depending on the outcomes of the FA cup and League Cup the teams in Sixth and Seventh positions may also qualify.

If the team holding the FA cup also qualifies for the Champions League, this spot will go to the team in the next position. If that team has also qualified than the next team with the best position from the Premier League will take the spot.

Due to the Fair Play initiative there is one other available spot in the Europa League. Should the Premier League take one of the top three positions in European Fair Play Rankings, the team with the highest Fair Play rankings, which has not yet qualified, automatically secures a spot in the UEFA Europa League’s first qualifying round.

Premiere League Soccer In A Nutshell